All of these case studies are examples of Madeline Schmidt's work.  We hope these examples are inspiration for the amazing things you can do in your organization if you partner with Monarch Training & Consulting!

leader power hours

When you need quick and to the point leadership training

For many companies, investing in leadership development is a staged process.  The time, appetite and resources just aren't there to execute a fully-baked program...yet.  For this company, the perfect solution was what we named "Leader Power Hours."  The idea and intention was to create optional programs for leaders (which eventually was expanded to everyone) that gave them "meaty" injections of leadership training that they could digest in bite size chunks (1 hour) and walk away with practical tools they can apply, immediately.  Topics were voted on by those attending the program, and every month Madeline created and delivered a new topic.  Attendance at these optional courses was so high that it had to be moved to the all company meeting space.  This is a fantastic option for companies wanting to get their feet wet, test the appetite for leadership development, and create some time and space to build a more comprehensive program at a later date.  Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar! 

women's leadership network

When you realize there is a gap at the top

It's a proven fact that companies with gender diversity in the leadership ranks outperform those without.  Many companies are realizing when they review their organization's demographics, there's something going on that is preventing women from having an appropriate representation at the top.  For this company, achieving gender diversity at the top became a top strategic company objective.  With this company objective in mind, we created a comprehensive 3-year plan, with specific and measurable goals for each year, and detailed execution strategies. The Women's Leadership Network was born.  Successfully avoiding land mines with a sensitive issue, this program was created and executed with high credibility, massive organizational support, and effectively met it's objectives in a persistent yet organic way.   Branding and visioning, support network, programming, mentoring, cultural change around unconscious bias happening very day, and so much more, it's a flagship program that can be a model for other organizations.  Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar! 

foundational people leadership skills

when you realize your leaders need foundational skills

For many companies, leaders grew through the ranks without any consistent and foundational training to support them being effective or leading in a way that aligns with the company culture.  This company was ready to put in place the "Company XYZ Leadership Way" type training where all leaders could build competence and mindsets needed to lead effectively in this company's unique and cherished culture.  5 modules, built from scratch, with key company messaging and branding, and delivered with Madeline's engaging style, comprised the "Helping Others Flourish" program that all people leaders were encouraged to take.  Modules are varying lengths (with emphasis on being less than a full day) and can be taken in any order.  The program has been wildly successful at helping people sharpen their skills and gaining confidence as a leader in the company.  Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar! 

leadership | High POTENTIAL development program

when you realize your senior leaders need growth

This company recognized that their senior leadership (Directors and above) needed to grow into their roles to effectively lead the organization to meet its aggressive objectives.  We created the Leader Development Program, an invitation-only (to those leaders whose potential warranted the company's investment, AKA "hi-pos")18-month cohort program.  The program took the cohort through a structured series of programs and experiences, including onboarding, 360 feedback, bi-weekly individual coaching (conducted by Madeline), self-mastery intensive programs (facilitiated by Madeline), presentations and engagement with the senior Executive team, individual development plans tied to their current roles and objectives, and much more.  The program was very successful, and 80% of the participants attributed their positive performance reviews and promotions to their participation in this program.  Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar! 

creating a unique service culture

when you realize your culture determines your business success

This company recognized that if they were going to compete in the marketplace, it wasn't going to be on price.  They wanted to keep their prices high with customers willing and ready to pay due to the incredibly unique service experience they would have.  Partnering with the Executive team, Madeline led them through creating their company values as well as unique branded service standards.  From there a wildly exciting kick-off to the company followed, along with an extensive strategy that was executed to weave the values and service standards into everything they did...recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, communications, rewards, performance reviews, culture, leadership, etc.  The results were high service scores from their "raving fans" and continued marketplace dominance. Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar! 

DISC to enhance team effectiveness

when you realize your team needs to come together

Diversity of style, strengths, and natural abilities makes for the best teams.  However, it can also create conflict and challenges if the team doesn't understand each other well.  Madeline worked with this team by facilitating a group session for everyone to understand DISC and learn about each other, communication strategies, leadership strategies, etc.  As a result, the leaders and the team were able to work more effectively, utilize each other's strengths to make a greater whole, and see results far beyond what they imagined. Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar! 

bye bye performance reviews

when you realize everyone is tired of traditional hR process

Like many companies who have been doing traditional performance reviews for many years, with lackluster engagement and results, this company was determined to do something better.  Turning the focus and intention on having "meaningful ongoing conversations about performance" they shifted away from the lengthy performance reviews and towards supporting managers and employees in staying aligned on performance all year long.  Besides the actual removal of the performance review (and replacing with more valuable and reflective activities), we created programs and courses all year long to help both employees and managers come to the table having great conversations all throughout the year.  Contact us if you are interested in doing something similar!