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Whether your company is new or established, many times the Executive Team recognizes that to meet business needs, grow as a company, blend as a merging company, or go from “good to great”, there is a need for a slight or dramatic (or anywhere in between) culture change in the organization. Madeline has extensive experience and proven success in wide-scale culture change and will partner with your company to understand the current and desired culture, make recommendations, design a strategy, and can also partner with you in the execution of the changes in the long-term. 

company culture as a key business strategy

Madeline is a  thought leader and deeply experienced in creating a company culture that is strategically aligned with business objectives, and drives the overall company performance.  Whether you are looking to create a meaningful company culture and values for the first time, change company culture and/or company values, or merge existing companies, Madeline will partner with your company to create a strategy for your company culture to be the true driver of your company success.

  • Conduct a needs analysis to understand current culture and desired future culture.

  • Work with Executive team on redefining or creating company values that reflect the culture desired that will lead to exceeding company objectives.

  • Fully laid out strategy for embedding the values throughout the organization.

  • Presentations, keynotes, training (culture change kick-off) on importance of culture/values for all employees, managers.

  • Partner and support on execution of prioritized culture strategies.

  • Programs that support the new culture and teach employees the desired behaviors and skills to be successful in the new culture.

women's leadership and gender diversity initiatives

It’s been proven that companies with more gender diversity at the top outperform those with male-dominated executive teams.  Armed with the data to prove the importance of this initiative, Madeline will partner with your organization to identify your organization’s key gender-diversity challenges, and to create and execute a strategic plan to attract, retain, and grow female talent in your organization.  Madeline brings hands-on in the trenches experience in creating a women's leadership strategy from the ground up.

  • Needs analysis & measurement of current state and reasons for the gender gap.

  • Strategy creation with a direct link to business objectives.

  • Kick-off plan, presentations, and materials.

  • Women’s leadership sessions/training targeting specific needs and barriers.

  • Mentoring program development.

  • Execution of the strategy, coaching and consultation along the way as the strategy evolves and the culture changes.

  • Measurement of success.

organizational needs assessment

Madeline can partner with your organization to accurately and methodically uncover the true talent and performance needs in the organization. Madeline has extensive experience conducting comprehensive needs analyses using interviews, surveys, organizational data, best practices, etc. and will return a fully written report (and presentation) of the needs of the organization and recommended solutions. Following the needs assessment, Madeline can develop or partner with your organization to design a strategy for meeting and executing upon the needs. The strategy can be a short-term needs-based strategy or a fully developed long-term strategy for the organization.

  • Conduct thorough needs assessment using existing organizational data and gathering new organizational data.

  • Analysis of key trends, strengths, and opportunities to better align with organizational objectives.

  • Report/Presentation with key recommendations and strategies.