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building a learning & development, talent management STRATEGY

As a former founder/leader of multiple Learning and Development/Talent departments in a variety of organizations for 20 years, Madeline has extensive expertise in many areas such as: needs analysis, strategy and creation of infrastructure, reinforcement and support, measurement, etc. It can be challenging for companies, particularly small to mid-size to have all the resources and expertise needed to meet the business demands on a continual basis. Madeline will partner with your training and/or HR department employees as a thought partner, consultant, and/or to leverage and compliment their strengths in programs or projects they are working on.

  • Create a comprehensive Learning & Development and/or Talent Management strategy, short- and long-term.

  • Support your existing team to execute the strategy in the areas in which they have limited expertise, and/or to help them execute faster.

  • Execute key elements of the strategy, as listed in our services offerings.

REvitalize performance management

Year after year, HR professionals gear up, make their plans, and try their best to create a snazzy kick-off email that will inspire, motivate, and wrap the organization around “the most wonderful time of the year” – performance review season.  Despite our best efforts, more often than not, this traditional HR practice is met with sighs and groans from both business leaders and HR professionals.  We train our managers and employees on the process, carefully monitor the completion, and after taking up nearly one quarter of the year, are met with lukewarm results in terms of the its relevance and true value.  It's time to rethink the process!  Madeline has effectively removed performance reviews ...trust us, you can do this too!

  • Partner with you to identify the true intentions of your performance management process, discover pain points that undermine its value, and realign the process with its intended objectives.

  • Support you in effectively gaining appropriate buy-in from key stakeholders.

  • Create and execute a new process that provides meaning and value in the organization and drives employee growth, development, engagement and performance.

performance solutions

Performance improvement many times requires more than training. Using her extensive background in organizational development, her holistic approach to people strategies, and understanding the needs of your organization, Madeline may recommend a variety of non-training solutions focusing on a many areas such as: expectation and goal setting, accountability, performance monitoring, coaching and development, evaluating and documenting, rewarding and recognizing, process and procedures, organizational culture, behaviors and attitudes, performance management, organizational communication, HR Process, etc.