Everything we do can be customized, SIMPLIFIED, and expanded!

Explore our key offerings as a starting point, and reach out to Madeline to customize the right solution for your organization.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Contact us!  We love to be challenged!

Madeline has created and delivered hundreds of programs to a broad spectrum of professionals, from entry-level to Executives of corporations. Her training courses are “meaty” – focusing on practical and in-depth content without fluff. Her facilitation style is professional, engaging, energetic, authentic, participative, and humorous. She believes you cannot learn unless you are enjoying yourself. Madeline’s specialty is developing and facilitating courses in Management/Leadership Skills and Interpersonal Skills that can be deployed immediately to your organization, or customized as part of a comprehensive training strategy. Applying her expertise in psychology, Madeline’s programs tap into and reframe mindsets, which results in long-lasting growth for individuals and the company.

leadership skills

Madeline is certified to facilitate these nationally recognized programs and has extensive experience customizing and weaving them into the organizational culture so that they have true impact: 

  • Situational Leadership II (Ken Blanchard Companies)
  • Situational Frontline Leadership (Ken Blanchard Companies)
  • Situational Self-Leadership (Ken Blanchard Companies)
  • Leadership courses from AchieveGlobal
  • Catalyst (MarcumSmith)

Sampling of course topics that Madeline can design and facilitate:

  • Taking the Mystery out of Goal Setting
  • Making Training Stick!
  • Organizational Culture from the Inside Out
  • How to Hire Rock Stars (Interviewing/Decision Making)
  • Helping Others Flourish (Foundational people leadership)
  • Setting Goals & Expectations
  • Motivating & Encouraging your Employees
  • Providing Effective Feedback & Coaching
  • Rewarding and Recognizing your Employees
  • Handling Performance Problems
  • Having Meaningful One-on-Ones
  • Leading Teams
  • Going from Peer to Manager
  • Leading by Listening
  • Writing and Delivering Performance Reviews That Don't Suck
  • How to Lead Learners
  • Empowering Your Employees
  • And much, much more...

critical professional skills

  • Catalyst (MarcumSmith)
  • How to Speak Up So Others will Listen
  • DISC – Communication, Team Building, Customer Service, Management, etc.
  • Presentation Skills Basics
  • Situational Self Leadership (Ken Blanchard)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Embracing Feedback, Even if it Hurts (Very popular conference session and also very popular to pair with 360 reviews)
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • End Micromanagement and Get to Autonomy!
  • Yoda, and the power of mindsets and our intentions
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Leaning In (Women's Leadership)

legendary service

  • The Keys to Legendary Service
  • Service Recovery – How to create loyal customers through service errors
  • Speaking Professionally and Graciously to your Customers
  • Game On! Share Your Knowledge with your Customers!
  • Personalized Service – Customizing and Meeting the Customer’s Unique Needs
  • Legendary Service – Ownership and Teamwork
  • Service and Leadership courses from AchieveGlobal